Basin Core Review

Athabasca Core Review (ACR)

In 2009, the Corporation completed an Athabasca basin-wide core review program (Athabasca Core Review). The Athabasca Core Review was undertaken to better determine the exploration possibilities and opportunities of corridors within the Athabasca Basin that are currently underexplored. The program consisted of reviewing 45 selected Athabasca Basin core drill-holes from the archived core collection available at the Saskatchewan Subsurface Lab in Regina, SK. This program included lithological logging, infrared spectral clay analysis, alteration profile analysis, routine core sampling for multi-element ICP/MS analysis and other isotope analytical programs.  The ACR study provided a comprehensive lithogeochemical and clay-alteration 3-D profile over the Athabasca Basin that has, among other things, helped in the selection of favorable underexplored corridors for land acquisition purposes.