Outer Ring

  • 100% Uravan
  • Located along the NE extension of the Cable Bay structural corridor, and east of Pasfield Lake, Athabasca Basin.
  • Property wide surface geochemical programs completed in 2010 and 2011, resulting in samples collect from three surface media: B/C horizon soils, spruce/pine vegetation and tree-cores
  • Data analysis identified several anomalous trends, consisting of radiogenic Pb isotopic compositions in soil horizons and tree-cores that correlate with associated pathfinder elements and regional magnetic data.
  • In 2011 specific surface geochemical targets were tested with seven (7) diamond drill-holes (OR11-01 to OR11-07) totaling 5834 meters drilled (including MATH drill-hole OR11-06)
  • The Outer Ring reconnaissance drill program was positive and identified a number of key features required for unconformity-related uranium mineralization:
    • The presence of high radioactivity levels (>400CPS) above and below the unconformity;
    • Persistent sandstone bleaching/alteration above the unconformity coincident with broad zones of secondary hematite alteration;
    • The presence of illite clay alteration occurring in some of the drill-holes over varying thicknesses at and above the unconformity;
    • The presence of major fracturing in the Athabasca Sandstone section; and
    • The intersection of a major reverse fault in the underlying basement units, suggestive of structural reactivation.
  • Surface geochemical program in 2011on the southern Outer Ring claim identified anomalous surface geochemical trend (ORX anomaly).
    • Surface geochemical program completed on the southern Outer Ring claim revealed a strong discrete NE-SW trending lead isotopic (radiogenic 207Pb/206Pb) anomaly in the soil horizon clay-fraction.
    • The NE-SW trending radiogenic clay-fraction anomaly forms a major geochemical corridor, ten (10) km long by one (1) km wide.
  • A follow up infill surface geochemistry program completed in 2015 has confirmed the ORX anomalous trend.
  • An airborne EM geophysical survey is now required to facilitate drill targeting along the ORX anomalous trend.
  • Project financing is required.

ORX Anomaly Area