Uravan is a uranium exploration company that engages in applied research to develop new innovative exploration technologies to identify buried uranium deposits in under-explored areas. Our exploration focus is in sandstone basins in Canada and specific areas globally. The vision is to develop new exploration innovations to discover large high-grade uranium deposits in under-explored frontier regions.  With the development of new innovative exploration technologies, Uravan hopes to reach economic discovery quicker and more cost effectively. The goal is the discovery of an economic uranium mineralized intersection on at least one-in-three exploration projects explored and hopes to reduce, by two-thirds, the number of drill holes required to get to discovery.

To accomplish this Uravan has partnered with the Queens Facility for Isotope Research (QFIR). QFIR is a state-of-the-art research facility housing some of the most technologically advanced analytical equipment in Canada. Under the direction of Dr. Kurt Kyser, the QFIR research team is working with Uravan's technical group to develop new exploration technologies using applied research.

Uravan objective is to create shareholder value through selective uranium property acquisitions in Canada and specific areas globally. To accomplish its objectives, Uravan needs to join its strong uranium exploration capability with strong equity partners. Uravan's desire is to secure long term exploration funding through partnering, thereby freeing its share capital from short term momentum driven market volatility and uncertainty.

Key Business Strategy

  • Explore for uranium deposits in basin environments
  • Develop new exploration technologies using applied research
  • Exploration target - uranium deposits grading >1% containing >100,000,000 pounds U3O8
  • Discover an economic uranium intersection on one-in-three projects explored
  • Reduce the number of drill holes to discovery by two-thirds 

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