Technical Group

Larry Lahusen (B.Sc. Geol.), Director, C.E.O. - Uranium Geologist

  • Exploration mineral geologist since 1969.
  • Discovered two economic uranium deposits in the Big Indian District, Colorado Plateau region, USA; and two economic gold deposits in the La Ronge Greenstone Belt, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Career experience raising public and private venture capital for mineral exploration.

Kurt Kyser, PhD Chemistry, Director of Queen's Facility for Isotope Research (QFIR) 

  • Kurt Kyser received his BSc in Chemistry from the UC San Diego and his M.A. and Ph.D. from UC Berkeley.
  • He is currently the director of QFIR, in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering at Queen’s University in Canada, with research interests that are focussed on using an integrated approach to understand the interactions between fluids and rocks throughout the history of the earth.
  • His underlying research theme involves a multidisciplinary approach to solve a wide spectrum of problems in the earth sciences, ranging from determining paleo-environments, to determining the conditions and fluids involved in the formation and destruction of uranium ore deposits, to tracing element migration in the near-surface environment.
  • He has over 250 refereed publications, 3 books, trained 70 graduate students who currently have positions with universities, government and industry around the world, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, having served as the Director of Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere Sciences 2000-2005.
  • For the past four years, Dr. Kyser has been instrumental in directing the QFIR research team and Uravan’s technical group in the development of new exploration technologies. These new innovative technologies provide definitive isotopic and elemental indicators that can be measured in surface environments to identify the mort probable location of deep uranium mineralization.

Colin E. Dunn, PhD, P.Geo, Consulting Geochemist  

  • Colin Dunn has a B.Sc and PhD in Geology and Geochemistry from London University
  • In 1972 Colin joined the Saskatchewan Geological Survey as a research geologist where he was involved with oil and gas, potash and various aspects of geochemical exploration for a wide range of commodities focusing primarily on uranium and precious metals.
  • Colin’s principal focus over the last 30 years has been on developing surface biogeochemical sampling protocols and analytical methods that can be directly applied in support of exploration projects to identifying buried minerals.
  •  In addition to his government and industry accomplishments, he has lectured and been involved in research projects worldwide, has published more than 200 professional papers and authored recent a book entitled “Biogeochemistry in Mineral Exploration”.
  • Over the last eleven (11) years Colin has worked collaboratively with Uravan’s technical group designing and providing technical support on many biogeochemical programs on its exploration projects. Colin is considered one of Uravan’s key technical advisors. 

Paul Stacey (B.Sc. Geo.), Data Manager

  • Highly experienced GIS and IT specialist since early 1990s.
  • Designs and manages graphic interpretations of geological-geophysical-geochemical data bases
  • A specialist in 2D and 3D imaging of complex technical data sources

Paul C. Stewart, (M.Sc, Geologist in Training (GIT)), Project Geologist

  • B.Sc in geology from Queen’s University in 2011 and his M.Sc in economic geology from Queen’s University in 2014.
  • M.Sc research focused on using novel geochemical methods to explore for deep (>600 m depth) unconformity related U mineralization in the Athabasca Basin. This research integrated Uravan’s surface geochemical database with geophysics, geology and lithogeochemistry to trace anomalous geochemistry from the unconformity into the surface environment.

Steve R. Beyer, PhD, Consulting Geologist

  • BSc (geography) from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, MSc (geology) from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a PhD (geology) from Queen’s University.
  • Currently Steve is a post-doctoral fellow at Queen’s University, and his research focuses on sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and fluid flow in Proterozoic sedimentary basins.
  • Steve has worked collaboratively with the Uravan technical group for the past eight years to provide exploration geochemical and basin evolution expertise.